The perfect digital solution to provide your customers with personalized financial guidance.

Oingz for your business

Oingz helps customers achieve their financial goals in a smart and efficient way, through an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.


Our algorithm works constantly to organize and optimize their savings, keep track of their goals 24/7 and give tailored recommendations when their goals deviate from the optimal path. Everything is done automatically without the need to involve teams of analysts or your sales force.


Additionally, in the process of getting to know the customer, their financial needs are clearly identified. This information is of great value because it allows to easily create segments and to personalize the service and product offering, resulting in a relevant experience that helps deepen the relationship with the customer.

¿Why financial institutions

need Oingz?

Most financial consumers are goal-oriented—and they need help to achieve those goals.

Let us show you

how we can partner together.

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